Thursday, March 18, 2010

Attention Walmart Shoppers - Black People Must Leave

This was the announcement made at a Walmart Store in South Jersey the other day. Don't know who made it, just that it was done over the loudspeaker system in the store. To say it caught shoppers unaware is an understatement.

Poor Walmart. It has a fragile relationship with minorities anyway, as evidenced by suits and complaints across the country, ranging from unfair hiring to harassment in the workplace. Walmart has been trying to clean-up its act for awhile, and then this comes along.

To be sure, they really don't know who made the announcement because there are a lot of phones scattered around the store accessible to the public. My guess is that they will tighten that up, and in a hurry.

What particularly caught my attention, however, was the reaction of, "the Black folks", who were in the store at the time of the incident. Several said they were upset and wouldn't be shopping at Walmart until the issue was resolved; another said he had "heard worse".

My feeling? If it was an employee..bye, the words of the Donald, "Your Fired".

If it was a member of the general shopping public, oh well, welcome to the world of "Reality Stupidity". Unfortunately, this kind of dumb behavior goes on all the time in many forms by all nationalities, races, religions and socio-economic groups.

As minorties, we need to get over real or perceived verbal slights, and focus on how to get major retailers and other businesses that depend upon our buying power, to be good, responsible community partners in the geographic areas they serve, (which aren't just limited to the urban centers either).

If they aren't giving back, then don't give them your hard-earned dollars (my parents have been preaching this gospel since I was knee-high to a grasshopper).

This isn't asking for a handout, because actually you have already paid for it through the money you spent in their establishments, in many cases, for years!

The good community partners "get it", and find many ways to accomplish this that don't always involve money. Cudo's to them. For the others? Get with the program. Consumer dollars in this depressed economy are precious things, and it's OUR choice where we decide to spend them.

We also need to have the Democrat and Republican parties "get with the program" as well. What that "program" is, will be a topic for another blog post.........


  1. According to Fox News, a 16 year old was arrested and charged, and he should have been. But nothing was done, not even a reprimand or condemnation, to the slobs that shouted racial and anti-gay slurs at members of Congress this weekend. The lack of civility in public discourse, and society in general, is really worrisome. When you were knee high to a grasshopper George, you probably would have gotten your mouth washed out with soap if you have been so stupid, but these kids see it every day from adults. We shouldn't accept "Reality Stupidity" - the parties, parents, schools and citizens in general need to "get it" and do something about it.

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