Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is The Scalpel Sharp?

This has been an amazing week.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on Monday, the inauguration of Republican Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey on Tuesday, the democratic loss of the "Kennedy Senate Seat" on Wednesday, and another seismic event on Haiti, this time registering 6.1.

Lord knows I love to try and see common threads in uncommon events. Well, let's see what we have here.

Ok, they all involve people, and significant "change".

Dr. King, in my opinion, was the last "significant" mobilizer of Blacks in America. Although I do have great respect for the "reformed" version of Malcolm X, Dr. King's message had more far reaching consequences and results in "changing" the way America conducted it's racial business.

Chris Christie's inauguration as the first Republican governor in 12 years in a predominately democratic state, was a statement of "change" in the way New Jersey deals with ridiculously high property taxes, unrealistic and fiscally out of touch unions, a shrinking business environment and underachieving schools. (Of course an unpopular sitting governor didn't hurt in shaping this victory).

The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts was also a signal of "change" in the way that state wants leaders to "work" for their vote, and not simply be "annointed" by the prevailing party.

The earthquake in Haiti demonstrates that the nations of the world need to develop a major plan of action to deal with catastrophic events.

A "change" is needed in quickly and efficiently getting humanitarian aid and support to those devastated by nature's powerful influences.

One but can not help to wonder what other "change" events are going to occur in 2010. This is only January, and the signs are indicating a banner year for "change" - politically, socially and economically.

The question that remains to be answered is how we will react to these "changes".

Will we embrace them and develop best practices from these real life lessons learned? Or will we bury our heads in the sand and continue to conduct "business as usual" to provide band aid solutions to "wounds" that clearly need heavy duty reconstructive surgery.

Time will tell.

I for one, hope the scalpel is sharp.

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