Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The "Lion" Passes On

Today is a sad day in American politics regardless of which side of the aisle you hang your hat. Ted Kennedy's death after a long fight with brain cancer, leaves a major void in our political reality. Why? Because this man was respected by both parties - Republican and Democrat - for the passion of his discourse and his unwavering belief in helping those less fortunate than himself. Many times, his was the voice of reason that carried the day to solutions that affected large numbers of Americans.

Was he flawed? Of course he was. But name one human being without fault-you can't. Did I agree with everything Kennedy had to say? No. After all, I'm a Republican. But I did respect the man and his dedication to public service and the energy he devoted to causes he believed in.

The highest compliment that opposing warriors can give each other on the field of battle, is to say they fought valiantly with courage and honor.

To Sir Edward. May the "Lion" continue to roar in the heavens above.