Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funny Man Not So Well Liked

Al Franken, the democratic Senator elect from the great state of Minnesota, is not making people nationally very happy. As reported in Politico, a national poll released today shows Franken is viewed unfavorably by 44 percent of voters. The Rasmussen Reports poll found that 34 percent have a favorable view of the former Saturday Night Live comedian, and another 22 percent at are "not sure what to think of him".

Of course, here is the kicker - it doesn't really matter what people think of Franken nationally. Those that count are the people of Minnesota who voted for him. Granted, the Minnesota Supreme Court had to step in to rule that Franken had indeed won the election by an extremely close 312 vote margin, but the fact remains that he still got more votes than former Republican Senator Norm Coleman for the post.

The saying, "be careful what you wish for", applies to this situation. But then again, Minnesotans are an independent bunch. Remember Governor Jessie Ventura? Guess they sent another message to the political "Establishment" with this pick as well.

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