Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does GOP Survive After 2025?

Does the GOP and Conservatives have a race problem? Let's think about this.

Fact: Demographic data shows that by the year 2025, minorities become the new majority in this country. Fact: According to a recent Gallop Poll, about 89% of people who identify themselves as Republicans are white.

Fact: Only 11% of people of color classify themselves as Republican.

Now, common sense tells you that if your base numbers are dwindling, to survive you need to do what? That's right, get more folks to join your party from the groups that will have the overwhelming numbers very soon.

How do you do that? Well again, common sense tells you that to get people to join your group, tou must engage and go after them like you mean it! Make folks feel welcomed and, oh by the way, show them that your message is really their message too! And yes, you must put folks in positions of real responsibility and power, not just for photo's to say "see we got some too!" Minorities aren't that stupid or naive to think that those kinds of actions mean inclusiveness.

For those who think that long-term stability for the GOP means only doing that which is necessary to solidify the "base," well guess again. That kind of thinking will continue to drive minorities, women and young folks away from the Republican Party. But then again, for some within the party, maybe that's the plan after all.

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